Meet the Bindery-Cats


                                Sumi                                                                                                  Cocoa

                     Head Bindery-Cat                                                                      Bindery-Cat-in-Training

                                            *********                                                                                                                                    **********


Responsibilities include:                                                                                                                   Cocoa's job is to learn by watching Sumi. 

Clean up: Knocking any small tool left out onto the floor and under

large appliances. This ensures all tools are put away in a timely manner. 

Efficiency management: Guarantees all books are sewn in one sitting

by eating any sewing cords or thread left hanging.

Muse: Lounging beautifully on top of equipment.

Sumi will also allow himself to be used as a soft weight when necessary. 





Sumi checks out a new book press for the bindery:      

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